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Mark VII’s innovative and customizable car wash equpiment

Mark VII Equipment provides owners with high reliability and low operating costs with increased revenue potential; and offers car wash solutions for all convenience store operators. From soft-touch, touch-free, and hybrid options, there's something that'll satisfy all your customers.

For convenience store owners, looking for ways to increase revenue with minimal cost, low labor and headaches can get overwhelming. A potential revenue stream is adding a car wash to your site. While this may seem like a daunting investment, if you’ve got the extra land, you are already well on your way to outperforming your competitors. Convenience store owners have options with our innovative and reliable in-bay automatics. A Mark VII car wash can provide the ultimate profit center with no headaches to deal with. Let us take the work out of car wash planning.

With a Mark VII car wash, you can generate additional income stream, attract new customers, and simplify solutions. Car washes can be open 24 hours, which means more consistent income and the potential for higher profit margins across your business.  An in-bay automatic does not require any additional manpower, so you don’t need to worry about hiring an extra person to man the car wash. Adding a car wash also provides a convenience factor of a “one-stop shop” for customers, which is ideal for those who are on the go and not looking to make an extra stop. This can also attract new customers who may have previously decided to go to a competitor’s location because of their car wash. Entice customers to your car wash by offering a package deal or discount at the pump! Mark VII can also help with solutions to keep superior wash quality and maintenance.

Mark VII’s in-bay automatics fit the needs of owners and your customers. Owners have the option to choose between a soft-touch, touch-free, or even a hybrid machine. Each machine provides the same exceptional cleaning results that will keep customers coming back and satisfied.

With a proven design and at over 35,000 sites worldwide, the SoftWash XT provides a safe and gentle soft-touch experience to customers. The cost-efficient, flexible, and reliable machine is car washing workhorse. Thanks to our patented SoftTecs foam brush material, you can say goodbye to fine lines, swirls, and damage claims. The closed-cell material does not harbor dirt, chemicals, water, or other materials that could potentially be harmful to a vehicles surface. Our three-brush system cleans and polishes vehicles while also minimizing the use of electricity, water and chemicals.

For a touch-free car wash, the AquaJet XT is setting the standard for touchless cleaning. The gantry’s high pressure cleaning process provides precision control. Thanks to the turbo nozzles in the AquaJet XT, they provide higher impingement than v-jet nozzles used by other systems. The nozzles thoroughly remove dirt and grime loosened by the presoak chemicals. With the HyperTilt system, the top boom rotates to maximize cleaning on the front and rear of the vehicle. To top it off, the AquaJet XT uses less water and chemicals than other touchless systems, with an average of only 23 gallons of water per wash.

The ChoiceWash XT gives you both wash formats in a single platform. Customers can choose between a touch-free, soft-touch, or even a combination wash, which can increase revenue potential. Just like the AquaJet XT and SoftWash XT, this machine will provide best-in-class cleaning results for your customers. This machine particularly is a top choice among operators around the world. Giving customers the option to choose between a touch-free or soft-touch wash allows you to serve a wider customer base, increasing your traffic and boosting profits.

Mark VII’s latest innovative machine is the SmartCare. With its sleek design and advanced technology, SmartCare has a variety of features that outshine the competition. The simplicity of the machine will help owners become experts in seconds, alongside tuning quality, balance, and speed with the touch of a button. Pre-washing is now optimized thanks to the swiveling spray nozzles, applying chemicals evenly across the surface. With intelligent dosing, the machine will efficiently and adaptably dose chemicals automatically while also customizing to your liking. Improved sensor technology guarantees precise control, cleaning hatchbacks, rear spoilers, and hard-to-reach places on vehicles.

Owners can also purchase optional add-ons for the ChoiceWash XT, SoftWash XT, and AquaJet XT that are guaranteed to impress customers and increase revenue. Add options such as a foam curtain, light doors with two configurations, and even customized door designs to fit your brand. These machines also capabilities with Mark VII Plus, where you can check the status of your bays using any device with an additional agreement.

With Mark VII‘s in bay automatics and rollovers, there is a machine that will fit the need of car wash owners and demographics. Whether you want a soft-touch, touch-free, or a combination wash, its capabilities will bring in an exceptional wash. With the expertise of Mark VII, your car wash business is guaranteed to be a success. We’re your partner for every aspect of your business. Not only for state-of-the-art car wash equipment - but also for servicechemicalsancillary products, site planning, marketing, financing and management support.


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