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Micromart looks to disrupt convenience retail

Autonomous retail technology aims to eliminate checkout lines and improve customer shopping experience.
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Micromart secure cooler with smartphone payment access

Micromart, a provider of autonomous micro market solutions for the retail convenience and food service industry, announced the launch of its newest autonomous micro market technology.

As convenience retail looks to enhance the customer experience, Micromart’s fully automated, 24/7 shopping technology aims to eliminate the need for checkout lines with a self-serve, secured micro market that automates retail operations and minimizes theft.

According to the company, micro market locations grew 41% in 2023 and growth is projected to continue as new technology is embraced by traditional vending and micro market operators. To meet this growing demand, Micromart developed unattended markets that are secured until a valid payment method is used and leverages AI-powered order processing for quick and secure transactions. Micromart’s technology allows for dynamic pricing through electronic price tags and the Micromart Platform gives micro mart operators the means to remotely oversee the business, streamline inventory management and reduce operating costs. 

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Convenience and foodservice retailers can customize their micro market locations with a combination of the Micromart Pantry, Fridge, Freezer or the Heating Tower for hot food capabilities.

"We are excited to introduce Micromart," says Yang Yu, CEO of Micromart. "After selling over a quarter million items via our KitchenMate food service division in Toronto, we're thrilled to white-label this proven technology for vending, micro market, and foodservice operators across the U.S. and Canada. Our autonomous micro markets help operators reduce labor costs, minimize theft, and optimize revenue, making them an ideal solution for today's economic environment."

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