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Ontario could very soon announce change to retail beer industry: Report

CBC News says announcement by Ford government could come this Thursday
Stock photo of man holding beer can
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CBC News is reporting that the Premier Doug Ford’s provincial government will announce this coming Thursday that it plans to terminate the Master Framework Agreement (MFA) governing the sale of beer in the province when it comes up for renewal.

According to the report, the plan is being discussed by the provincial government cabinet, and multiple sources are telling CBC News that the official announcement will see the opening up of beer sales in all supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations starting in 2026.

CBC News says that sources are highlighting several key changes. These include:

Allowing all corner stores and any gas stations that sell food to sell beer, wine, cider and ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages, such as seltzers or premixed cocktails (collectively known as RTDs).

Allowing all grocery stores to sell beer, wine, cider and RTDs, scrapping the existing cap on the number of supermarkets with retail licences.

Ending the restrictions that currently permit only The Beer Store to sell cases of 12 and 24.

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