Standard AI looks to curb inventory loss with advanced AI

AI powered Zone monitoring can be deployed at tobacco, beer, and fresh food and grab and go sections in c-stores.
Security camera in-store

Standard AI is looking to help retail and c-store operators improve inventory management and reduce inventory loss due to theft with a Zone monitoring extension to its Standard AI Vision platform. 

The Standard AI Vision works by creating Zone monitoring fields using several cameras set at specific retail sections in a store operation to monitor in real-time, for example, tobacco, beer, and fresh food and grab and go sections in a retail or c-store. The system’s visual AI keeps tabs on every interaction with the shelf. Out-of-stock notifications are delivered for real-time inventory management. Suspected theft is captured via video clip and is accessible by store management. The system provides analytics, trends, and insights for a deeper understanding of shopping behavior and theft trends in that zone.

Going forward, Standard AI will bring the Vision platform to other sections of retail operations, including lottery, cash drawer and fuel.

“Every new product we build is designed to help our customers solve immediate problems while ensuring they are on a path to an autonomous future,” says Jordan Fisher, CEO of Standard AI.  “Zone Monitoring puts our powerful visual AI to work in the most lucrative parts of the store.”

Standard AI is also looking at adding additional features such ID check verification, Point Of Sale (POS) area and voided transactions monitoring, cash handling surveillance, lottery tracking and planogram compliance.

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