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2022 Star Women in Convenience winner: Debra George

Store-level Star
Debra George SWIC2022

Regional manager

Scholten’s Convenience Stores: New Brunswick


How did you get into this industry?

I was looking for a career change when I learned Scholten’s Convenience was looking for a manager. I was excited there was an opportunity for me to join their team.

Favourite thing about your job?

Customers are always a highlight of this job. They’re always looking to you for a smile and pleasant conversation. Without our customers, we would not be able to grow as a community.

Biggest challenge?

Having enough time to be there for everyone and every task. 

Best advice received? 

Take time to relax and enjoy life-work balance. 

Career highlights?

When I helped an employee grow in the business. Trudy was a casual employee that didn’t believe in herself and with my help, she became a full-time supervisor. We worked together for another year, and she then took on her own location as a manager and is doing very well.

What are you most proud of during the last year?

Being able to balance work and life, and that I just began fostering a 12-year-old boy. 

What excites you most about the future of this channel? 

I work with a great company that’s always looking for ways to grow – not just as a company but as a wonderful group of employees.

Leadership style?

I’m a great supporter of my staff in every aspect of their lives. I’ve been told that sometimes I’m too empathic, but that’s what makes them feel like family and enjoy working with the company.

Other thoughts?

This job doesn’t really feel like a job. It’s a place where everyone we work with and the customers that follow the Scholten’s Company make it feel more like fun. I’ve been in retail for a long time, but the convenience store industry is a whole different world where everyone gets to know you like family.

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