Star Women in Convenience 2022 winners

The 42 women who comprise this year’s Star Women in Convenience fulfill diverse roles across an ever-evolving industry, but have one thing in common–an unparalleled commitment to excellence. These women rise to any challenge, inspire those around them and create extraordinary value, not only for their companies, but also customers, clients and industry partners. They deserve to be celebrated for their achievements!

In its fifth year, the annual Star Women in Convenience Awards recognize exceptional women–from retailers to distributors, manufacturers, industry associations and consultants–making a difference and demonstrating commitment, innovation and leadership in the convenience industry.

New this year, to ensure winners include outstanding individuals from the store floor to c-suite, Star Women were chosen in one of three categories: senior-level stars, shining stars and store-level stars. These 42 women are remarkable leaders with valuable insights, experiences, advice and accomplishments to share: Click on the links below to read a Q&A with each winner.

Senior-Level Stars

Nancy Bourdon

Director of people & culture
JTI-Macdonald Corp.
Read the Q&A with Nancy
Nancy Bourdon SWIC2022

Ingy Sarraf

Chief financial officer &
corporate secretary
Guru Organic Energy
Read the Q&A with Ingy
Ingy Sarraf SWIC2022

Marianne Csincsa

Vice-president, operations
Domo Corporation Ltd.
Read the Q&A with Marianne
Marianne Csincsa SWIC2022

Shannon Wing

Senior director strategy &
business development
Petro-Canada, a Suncor Energy Business
Read the Q&A with Shannon
Shannon Wing SWIC2022

Sandra Kayyali

Vice-president marketing and merchandising
Gateway Market Canada Inc.
Read the Q&A with Sandra
Sandra Kayyali SWIC2022

Suzanne Poirier

Vice-president, global finance and supply chain optimization
Alimentation Couche-Tard
Read the Q&A with Suzanne
Suzanne Poirier SWIC2022

Shining Stars

Sylvie Berardelli

Operations manager, corporate retail
McDougall Energy
Read the Q&A with Sylvie
Sylvie Berardelli SWIC2022

Danielle Friel

Senior manager,
area retail licensee - Ontario East
Petro-Canada (Suncor Energy)
Read the Q&A with Danielle
Danielle Friel SWIC2022

Jeanette Kernaghan

Account business partner,
channel delivery
Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp.
Read the Q&A with Jeanette
Jeanette Kernaghan SWIC2022

Erica Morningstar

National account executive
Coca-Cola Ltd.
Read the Q&A with Erica
Erica Morningstar SWIC2022

Rima Rabba

Head of marketing
Rabba Fine Foods
Read the Q&A with Rima
Rima Rabba SWIC 2022

Kirsten Ross

Director of marketing
Read the Q&A with Kirsten
Kirsten Ross MacEwen SWIC2022

Marian Steffler

National account manager
Nestlé Canada Inc.
Read the Q&A with Marian
Marian Steffler SWIC2022

Jennifer Yiu

Customer & brand marketing
manager - lighters
Bic Inc. Canada
Read the Q&A with Jennifer
Jennifer Yiu SWIC2022

Lynda Desmarais

Supervisor, corporate operations
Groupe F. Dufresne
Read the Q&A with Lynda
Lynda Desmarais SWIC2022

Janet Hill

District manager
Free Flow Petroleum
Read the Q&A with Janet
Janet Hill Free Flow Petroleum

Lisa Kurenoff

Marketing manager, in-store experience and promotions
7-Eleven Canada
Read the Q&A with Lisa
Lisa Kurenoff SWIC2022

Linda Mould

Market manager (Regional manager - Southern Alberta)
7-Eleven Canada
Read the Q&A with Linda
Linda Mould SWIC2022

Kelly Rand

Manager, store planning and merchandising support
Parkland Corporation
Read the Q&A with Kelly
Kelly Rand SWIC2022

Melissa Ryan

Associate manager-
marketing operations
Canadian Tire Gas+
Read the Q&A with Melissa
Melissa Ryan SWIC2022

Julie Stinson

Regional operations manager, Ontario West
Parkland Corporation
Read the Q&A with Julie
Julie Stinston SWIC2022

Elisa di Bello

Director, trade marketing and operations, Imperial Tobacco Canada
Read the Q&A with Elisa
Elisa di Bello SWIC2022

Carmina Jimenez

Communications & events manager
Convenience Industry Council
of Canada
Read the Q&A with Carmina
Carmina Jimenez SWIC2022

Sherry Landry

Director of software operations
Bulloch Technologies
Read the Q&A with Sherry
Sherry Landry

Jacynthe Poulin

Management consultant
Read the Q&A with Jacynthe
Jacynthe Poulin SWIC2022

Ana Luiza Rangel

Senior brand manager
Conagra Brands
Read the Q&A with Ana Luiza
Ana Luiza Rangel SWIC2022

Amber Sacco

Field service supervisor
National Energy Equipment Inc.
Read the Q&A with Amber
Amber Sacco SWIC2022

Jessica Dolphin

Human resources leader, Canada
7-Eleven Canada
Read the Q&A with Jessica
Jessica Dolphin SWIC2022

Carolane Juanéda

Senior marketing manager, fuel
North America Alimentation
Read the Q&A with Carolane
Carolane Juaneda SWIC2022

Beverley Mawby

National account executive
Great Canadian Meat Company
Read the Q&A with Beverley
Beverley Mawby SWIC2022

Pauline Prokopshyn

Operations manager, Kelowna
Wallace & Carey Inc.
Read the Q&A with Pauline
Pauline Prokopshyn SWIC2022

Heather Robertson

National account manager
Payment Source
Read the Q&A with Heather
Heather Robertson SWIC2022

Mary Shigematsu

Key account manager
JTI-Macdonald Corp.
Read the Q&A with Mary
Mary Shigematsu SWIC2022

Saakshi Vohra

Operational service manager,
team leader
Tanknology, a service by Englobe
Read the Q&A with Saakshi
Saakshi Vohra SWIC2022

Store-Level Stars

Sangeeta Batra

MacEwen Petroleum Inc.
Read the Q&A with Sangeeta
Sangeeta Batra

Karen Martell

Market manager, Eastern Canada
Read the Q&A with Karen
Karen Martell SWIC2022

Dimple Sehgal

Area retail licensee
Read the Q&A with Dimple
Dimple Sehgal SWIC2022

Debra George

Regional manager
Scholten’s Convenience Store
Read the Q&A with Debra
Debra George SWIC2022