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2022 Star Women in Convenience winner: Ingy Sarraf

Senior-level Star
Ingy Sarraf SWIC2022

CFO & corporate secretary

Guru Organic Energy


How did you get into this industry?

Carl Goyette, the CEO of Guru, with whom I have worked with for a good part of my career, invited me to join Guru about five years ago, a choice I have never regretted.

Favourite thing about your job?

The opportunity to have a strategic impact on the company's management, its culture and its people. I work in a highly entrepreneurial environment and am involved in the decision-making process at several levels. The evolution and diversity of my work – there’s never a dull moment at Guru, which keeps you out of your comfort zone – means learning and developing constantly.

Biggest challenge?

Guru’s transition from a private to a public company in less than three months with everything it entailed: IPO process, financing, enhanced reporting, relation with the financial community and investors, and internal structural changes.

Best advice received?

Never take yourself too seriously. Love where you are and who you are while doing it.

Career highlight?

When I joined Guru. It was the first time I felt in flow – my head and heart aligned – and I stayed true to whom I am. I believe in the company's mission, the product and most importantly its culture and people.

What are you most proud of?

2021 was one of those years where we accomplished a lot at Guru in a short period of time.

For example, the transformative deal with PepsiCo and the $50 million financing, which followed another big accomplishment in late 2020 with our IPO.

What excites you most about the future?

The future of the retail experience: Customers expect to shop when they want, where they want. And retailers need perfect execution at every point. We will all be challenged to be creative in ways to delight the consumer.

Leadership style?

I believe in teamwork, and I try to surround myself with passionate, driven, competent and hard-working people, which allows me to delegate, brainstorm and work together, and be more efficient. To achieve my goals, I believe in partnerships – being surrounded with a solid internal team and external consultants with whom I have established a relationship of trust and like to work with. 

Other thoughts?

I am extremely grateful, and believe in giving back to tomorrow’s young leaders – coaching and mentoring them to be the leaders they want to be; to Women's Leadership – through promoting other women and supporting each other. I am also part of a group of professional women who support and uplift each other - Les Elles d'Affaires; and to the community. I am involved in an organization against youth bullying, and I volunteer spontaneously for the Guignolée and other community centres.

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