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2022 Star Women in Convenience winner: Kristin Valles

Shining Star
Kristin Valles SWIC2022

Category manager



How did you get into this business? 

Getting into wholesale distribution was a complete fluke, one that I’m very happy about!  I was looking for a tide-me-over job, made a call, and landed a position with Karrys Bros Ltd; it was eight years before I made a job change.  One year away and I was itching to get back into this space. That’s when I landed my role with Greenergy.

What do you like most about your job?

Every day brings something different.  Managing multiple categories means understanding different product offerings, customer behaviours, and different selling strategies. There are also so many great people in this industry who are genuinely kind, driven, and passionate. It makes working in the space enjoyable, and to me, that is the most important part of any job.

What was the biggest challenge of your career?

As a young female who was completely green to the industry and a person of colour, starting off in the industry and being trusted by suppliers took time.  As the results came through, so did the trust.   Going through being a company that acquired a company and then getting acquired was also quite a challenge.  However, I kept my head down, kept focused on my work and relationships, and was able to weather the storm and continue to move my career ahead.

What's the best advice you ever received? 

Don’t stress; we’re only selling chocolate and cigarettes.

Listen first, speak second.

What's your career highlight or proudest achievement?

After a yearlong hiatus, I was overcome by the warm welcome I received from the supplier community when I joined the retail side of the business.  It was great to be able to reconnect with those I had worked with for many years.

What are you most proud of during the last year? 

Seeing the success of the Waypoint brand and working with such a great team at Greenergy.  We are small but mighty and have had tremendous success with a small group of talented individuals.  It has been a challenging year; however, we were able to build the brand to be more recognized in the industry and among the supplier community.


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