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2022 Star Women in Convenience winner: Sangeeta Batra

Store-level Star
Sangeeta Batra SWIC2022

Store Operator/Owner

MacEwen Petroleum Inc., Collingwood, Ont. 


How did you get into this industry?

After immigrating to Canada from India, my first job was at a gas station. I've slowly worked my way up and got promoted to manager and then operator for MacEwen. 

What do you like most about your job?

The sense of community it gives me. I enjoy the social aspect of this job and forming meaningful relationships with my co-workers and customers.

What was the biggest challenge of your career?


Balancing home and work life as my husband and I worked long hours to be able to make it in this country.  

Best advice received? 

"In order to get, you have to give."If you support, guide and lead others, and make contributions to their lives, you'll reap the best rewards.

Career highlight/proudest achievement?

I've been awarded MacEwen's Excellence Award for past four years, as my store has had phenomenal growth. 

What are you most proud of during the last year? 

Learning to adapt. Altering our business to fit COVID-19 regulations was difficult, but I felt proud knowing our efforts would keep people in our community safe.

How do you define yourself as a leader?

I like to lead by example, and I strongly believe in teamwork, facilitating open communication and trying to bring out the best in every team member. Customer satisfaction is our store’s top priority and I always try to create a happy environment for everyone.

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