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2023 C-store IQ: Loyalty Report

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C-store IQ National Shopper Study 2023 Pie Chart
C-store IQ National Shopper Study 2023 Pie Chart

One-in-three (30%) shoppers are actively using a convenience store rewards program, which presents a massive opportunity to engage and build loyalty among c-gas consumers, according to the 2023 C-store IQ National Shopper Study.

It’s worth noting that millennials (33%) and gen X (32%) are slightly more likely to enroll and actively use rewards programs. Gen Z say they are aware of loyalty programs, but only 27% are enrolled.

The good news is that when c-gas shoppers do participate in loyalty programs, they indicate high levels of satisfaction, with more than half (57%) reporting they are ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ satisfied.

Nearly three-in-five (58%) of loyalty program members use a mobile app, a significant increase compared to last year. General awareness of apps also appears to be improving, with the share of ‘not sure’ shoppers decreasing. Overall, gen Z, millennials and gen X are more likely than boomers to use mobile apps. Same goes for those living in Ontario and British Columbia, who use mobile apps more readily than those living in Quebec and Alberta.

When asked what types of rewards they find most valuable in general, most are enticed by guaranteed savings, with cash back considered the most valuable reward for more than half (56%), followed by free or discounted prepared food and gas discounts. Cash back was ranked in the top three rewards by close to four in five shoppers.

Data shows there is a long runway to grow c-gas shoppers’ engagement with loyalty programs. For success, consider making it easier for members to sign up (less information) and boost engagement by offering quick rewards that deliver instant satisfaction


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