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2023 Future Leaders in Convenience: MUHAMMAD PASHA

Conagra Brands: Category commercial manager – strategic channels
Muhammad Pasha

Formerly a key account manager for C&G, Muhammed Pasha now handles commercial leadership for strategic channels across all brands, specifically for protein snack brands. Over the past three years, he’s helped Slim Jim become the fastest-growing brand across meat snacks nationally.

“Each win in my career, big or small, has helped me grow professionally. I cherish the great relationships with my colleagues and customers, because whenever I celebrated an achievement, I wasn’t doing it alone,” says Pasha.

With limited shelf space in C&G, Pasha thinks creatively, working with customers to find ways to unlock opportunities, such as leveraging pre-packs.

“To win in convenience, multiple players must come together: Manufacturers, distributors and customers play an equal role in making sure the best products go on shelf, so consumers stay happy and keep coming back,” says Pasha.

“It’s a difficult balance to maintain and that’s what makes my job exciting. It’s all worth it when I visit a store and see my products being bought by consumers.”

Known for his ability to build relationships with customers while driving value for manufacturers and retailers, Pasha has demonstrated exemplary leadership and was nominated twice for the Future Leaders in Convenience Awards.

“Since his first days during COVID, Pasha has identified opportunities at C&G for Slim Jim, particularly at Circle K, where he detailed holistic commercial strategies that weren’t exclusively promotional driven,” says one nominator. “His approach to P&L management has been thorough and strategic, balancing both increasing distribution and customer satisfaction, while maintaining healthy margins. Pasha's win-win approach to C&G should be the benchmark in the industry.”

Pasha is proud of Conagra Brands’ commitment to sustainability, community-building and DEI.

“It’s unmatched in the industry and one of the reasons I respect my company. Being an immigrant, I hold the company’s DEI value close to my heart.”


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