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Age to purchase tobacco, vaping products in Saskatchewan going up next month

All retailers and people who use vapour products must meet new requirements past last year with Bill 147.
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Starting at the beginning of February, those looking to purchase tobacco and vaping products in the province of Saskatchewan will need to be 19 years of age and older.

Currently, the age is set at 18 years.

The Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act and regulations regulate the use and sale of tobacco and vapour products in Saskatchewan. The new laws respect the sale, display, promotion and use of vapour products. All retailers and people who use vapour products must meet the new requirements of The Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act and The Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Regulations.

"Tobacco and vapour products should have no place in Saskatchewan schools,” Health Minister Everett Hindley said in November of last year when the proposed changes were announced. “That is why we are taking steps to protect students from being exposed to these products."

"As an industry, we learned of the government's decision to increase the legal age to purchase legal tobacco and vaping products to 19 in the Speech from the Throne at the end of October last year," says Sara MacIntyre, VP, Western Canada for the Convenience Industry Council of Canada (CICC) in an email to Convenience Store News Canada when asked about this coming change.

"While we recognize the government's objective to decrease youth smoking and vaping rates as a laudable goal, these changes do require time for our front line retailers to implement. The CICC did request a time frame from the ministry a few times to give time to update training and signs in our stores. Unfortunately, like we learned of the change on Friday January 27th via a news release link. The changes come into force February 1, less than a week after the announcement. It is difficult for members to maintain responsible retailing practices when changes come province-wide with such little time to prepare. We are working with our members to get them up to speed and compliance."

Most provinces have harmonized the age restrictions for the legal purchase of alcohol, cannabis, tobacco and vapour products in their jurisdiction.

Starting on February 1st, the new rules will now be: 

•  No smoking/vaping in, enclosed public places, school grounds, near doorways and windows.

• Restrict smoking and vaping in enclosed public places, including schools and school grounds.

• Prohibit people from smoking and vaping within three metres from a doorway, window or air intake of an enclosed public place.

• Restrictions on the retail sale, advertising and promotion of tobacco and vapour products.

• Restrict the sale of tobacco and all vapour products to individuals 19 years of age and older.

• Prohibit the display of tobacco and vapour products where young persons have access.

• Prohibit the sale of tobacco and vapour products at specified facilities such as amusement parks, arcades and theatres where youth frequent.

• Restrict advertising of vapour products in the same manner as tobacco products by prohibiting advertising signs and promotional signs in areas where young persons can enter.

• Restrictions on flavoured vapour products.

Retail locations that are open to those under 19 years of age, such as convenience stores and gas stations, are permitted to sell only tobacco and mint/menthol-flavoured vapour products.

As of September 1, 2021, the sale of most flavoured vapour products is restricted to adult-only, specialty vape shops. Age-restricted specialty vape shops must have a sign on their entrance.


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