Darren Climans

Foodservice Consultant

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Darren Climans is a foodservice insights professional with close to 20 years' experience partnering with broadline distributors, CPG suppliers, and foodservice operators. His practice is to understand issue-based decisions by taking a data-driven approach to strategic decision making.



Consumers crave immune-boosting foods and beverages

You may be surprised to learn that, until fairly recently, Coca-Cola was presented and sold to consumers as a functional food

Cheers to non-alcoholic beer

Wherever your location and whatever the rules, alcohol-free beer is a fast-growing segment and an immediate gateway for all c-stores to get in the beer game.

Insights and lessons from pandemic snacking trends

Increased home time, family time, leisure screen time, stress and near 24/7 access to our pantries, have all translated into a rise in snacking, as Canadian consumers reach for treats and comfort foods

Plant-based goes mainstream

Foodservice success means adding alternative proteins on the menu.