Darren Climans

Foodservice Consultant

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Darren Climans is a foodservice insights professional with close to 20 years' experience partnering with broadline distributors, CPG suppliers, and foodservice operators. His practice is to understand issue-based decisions by taking a data-driven approach to strategic decision making.



Meals are for squares

In Canada, and nearly universally now around the world, the frequency and variety of snacking is going up. Are your snack aisles ready?

Cold comfort

During the pandemic, consumers sought security in frozen foods, with ice cream and frozen novelties leading the way

Frictionless convenience: C-stores + vending machines offer a winning combination

Rather than ‘if’, the question for c-store operators in the future will be ‘what’ and ‘when’ to add. Be prepared to move quickly to adopt vending technology when the market is established.

The convenience industry is ground zero for cannabis-infused product innovation

"Greenfield" refers to a virgin market yet to be commercially exploited. From a business perspective, it’s elusive and appealing because of how infrequently it occurs, as well as the potential for windfall results.

Consumers crave immune-boosting foods and beverages

You may be surprised to learn that, until fairly recently, Coca-Cola was presented and sold to consumers as a functional food

Cheers to non-alcoholic beer

Wherever your location and whatever the rules, alcohol-free beer is a fast-growing segment and an immediate gateway for all c-stores to get in the beer game.

Insights and lessons from pandemic snacking trends

Increased home time, family time, leisure screen time, stress and near 24/7 access to our pantries, have all translated into a rise in snacking, as Canadian consumers reach for treats and comfort foods

Plant-based goes mainstream

Foodservice success means adding alternative proteins on the menu.