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BG Fuels retiring Mr. Gas brand

Existing locations in Ontario will transition to Esso and Mobile banners.
Tom Venetis head shot
Mr Gas Gas Bar forecourt and pumps

BG Fuels has begun retiring its Mr. Gas and its associated convenience store brand Oops, and rebranding the locations to its Mobile and Esso marques.

BG Fuels is the largest Mobil-branded wholesaler in Canada and owns the Mr. Gas, Oops, and Waypoint Convenience brands.

According to press release sent out by BG Fuels, the stations located in Eastern and Northern Ontario were acquired in 2018.

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And while some may mourn the passing of the 52-year old brand known for its high-quality of customers service and the commitment of the staff to the local communities where they operated, BG Fuels wrote that the “retirement of the Mr. Gas brand represents the evolution of BG Fuels’ retail fuel business and presents an exciting opportunity to provide the communities we serve with an enhanced consumer value proposition”

“Mr. Gas had a great run, and the BG Fuels team is proud to have played a part in the storied history of the brand, but an increasingly competitive landscape has led us to align our retail fuel business with Imperial’s industry-leading Esso and Mobil brands” says Andrew Mackay, president of BG Fuels. “We thank all of our Mr. Gas customers for their patronage over the years and hope they will continue to allow us to meet their fuel and convenience needs after the sites are rebranded and refreshed.”

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