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C-store IQ: Sustainability & Shop Local Report

Your customers are watching and shopping accordingly.
Michelle Warren
Editor & Associate Publisher, Convenience Store News Canada + OCTANE
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Three-in-four shoppers indicate some likelihood to switch c-stores based on sustainability practices, according to new data from the 2023 C-store IQ National Shopper Study

More than 2,000 Canadians weighed in on sustainability issues. It’s worth noting that women have slightly higher motivations when it comes to sustainability and came out ahead of men in their likelihood to switch to a more sustainable convenience store if given the option. In out a great emphasis on:

  • Movement towards zero waste
  • Ethical sourcing policies
  • Recycling containers 
  • Reusable bag incentives
  • Donate food instead of throwing it out

In addition, there are generational differences in attitudes towards sustainability. 

  • Generation Z, millennials and generation X are likely to switch to more sustainable convenience store vs. boomers
  • Gen Z, and millennials select energy efficient equipment and fixtures to be of utmost importance compared to generation X and boomers.  
  • Gen X and boomers are strong proponents of c-stores donating food instead of throwing it out. 
  • Geographically, people in Ontario are more likely to switch to a more sustainable convenience store vs. other provinces.


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Liklihood to switch stores

Local love

More than four in five (86%) of c-store shoppers purchase locally produced products. Most buy local to support businesses in their community, followed by a perception of higher quality, however 37% also feel it’s environmentally responsible. 

C-store IQ local love

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