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City of Edmonton looking to restrict sale of knives at c-stores

City’s staff preparing options that could see sales restricted by the coming fall.
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The CBC is reporting that by this coming fall, Edmonton could have in place new rules that would see the restriction of the sale of certain knives at convenience and grocery stores.

According to reporter Natasha Riebe, councillors will look at way of regulating the sales of knives at convenience stores likely by amending the city’s business licence bylaw. 

The move to restrict the sales of certain knives came about over concerns raised by Ashley Salvador, councillor for Ward Métis, over the lack of scrutiny of such sales, and reports from communities of knives and other items such as brass knuckles and bear spray making their way into kid’s hands. 

The Edmonton Journal, in its report on the possible restrictions, said that business and community groups had lobbied the council to updated bylaws to stop knives from being sold at corner stores and to minors.

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