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Guru makes a splash in the U.S.

Canadian beverage maker is primarily focused on California, the country's largest consumer of organic products.

Guru Organic Energy Corp.'s plant-based energy drinks will soon be available in more than 1,500 new retail locations, including leading grocery, drug, natural and independent retail chains in the U.S.

In a release. the company said gains are primarily in California, which will have about 3,000 points of sale by late spring.

Guru Organic Energy Corp. is a fast-growing beverage company launched in Montreal 1999, when it pioneered its natural, plant-based energy drink. Its drinks are high in natural caffeine, free of artificial sweeteners, artificial colours and flavours, and have no preservatives. In addition, beverages are organic, vegan and gluten free.

Since entering the U.S. market, Guru's expansion strategy has primarily focused on California, the country's largest consumer of organic products.

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"As we continue to build our brand awareness in the world's largest energy drink market, Gurus's priorities are to establish a strong distribution network and to provide retailers with enhanced in-store marketing support to drive sales velocity,'' said  Carl Goyette, president and CEO of Guru. "Thanks to our strong financial position, and the reallocation of a portion of our sales force, we now have the ability to put more effort towards growing our business in the U.S. The work we have done to develop our distributor network is starting to pay off, and we are very optimistic about the future of the Guru."

In October 2021, Guru entered into a partnership with PepsiCo Beverages Canada to sell, distribute and merchandise Guru's organic, plant-based and better-for-you energy drinks to convenience, foodservice and retail customers nationwide. This agreement is designed to significantly broaden Guru's distribution and reach in Canada. The PepsiCo deal also has the potential to expose the product to new markets, as the company has a strong foothold in 200 countries and territories around the world.

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