Juxta debuts autonomous micro-convenience store

Nomad portable store is designed for highly profitable retail growth.
Tom Venetis head shot
Juxta turn key retail solution

Raleigh, N.C.-based Juxta announced the launch of Nomad, a portable turnkey retail solution that gives retailers and c-store operators a new way to reach customers.

The portable design allows an operator to set up a store in locations with limited retail footprints or for specific periods of time.

Juxta says that Nomad requires no staff to operate. A customer seeking entry will tap with their mobile wallet, debit or credit card at the entrance. No proprietary app is required. Once inside, a customer can then browse amongst the available items – a c-store operator or retailer can have some 500 SKUs inside for purchase at a time. An AI-powered system will automatically track what a customer takes and then add it to their basket. Once a customer has chosen all the items they wish to purchase, they can verify their items at a checkout screen and request a digital receipt; or if pressed for time, a customer can be automatically charged for their purchases once they step outside Nomad.

According to Juxta, Nomad can be operated at a lower cost than a traditional brick-and-mortar operation, as it only requires staff to restock items as it runs low, and Nomad can be set up quickly allowing an operator to have a site running in a temporary pop-up location, for special events or until a more permanent location for the business is found.

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