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LCBO officially launches new online ordering platform for LCOs and licensees

Platform made to simplify ordering process for LCBO Convenience Outlets (LCOs) and licensees.
Tom Venetis head shot
LCBO Flagship Store Toronto Queensway
Photo: Canmenwalker, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As part of its e-commerce renewal project, the LCBO has launched its New online ordering platform,, or LCBO Convenience Outlets (LCOs) and licensees.

The platform is made to “elevate the wholesale business, expand our digital capabilities, and provide a best-in-class customer experience,” according to the LCBO in a release about the launch.

In 2022, the LCBO rolled out the first phase of its e-commerce renewal effort, that being a revamp and update of its site bringing several improvements meant to enhance the customer experience. The improvement included: improved search and browsing capability; increased product availability accuracy; better cart and check-out experience; and a unified web and mobile experience.

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The second phase of its e-commerce renewal effort,, is providing a single platform to be used by LCOs as well as licensed establishments seeking delivery and/or pick-up services from LCBO depots, and it will be an alternative and way for all licensees to place orders for collection in LCBO retail stores.

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