Mac’s West makes big impact

Mac’s West uses merchandising strategy to stand out

Mac’s West uses merchandising strategy to stand out

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For the western division of Mac’s Convenience Stores, it’s all about community pride.

Mac’s West introduced the Impact Store Concept in the 1990s, and Steve Morris, marketing and merchandising director for the western region, says the décor and theme of each Impact Store are adapted to reflect the flavour of its neighbourhood.

“We use it not only to blend into the community and become a part of that community, but to set us apart from our competitors in that it’s not the cookie cutter approach for all locations,” explains Morris.

Since 2005, all new Mac’s West locations have incorporated the Impact Store concept. While these stores may look different depending on their community, they all embrace the same merchandising principles, and market managers review the execution of these programs every month to ensure merchandising quality is in place.

To see a number of Mac’s locations in the Calgary area, check out the photo gallery above. See for yourself how Mac’s West is distinguishing its stores from the competition.

Froster program: Frozen carbonated beverages are becoming a big draw for Mac’s West stores, with each location prominently featuring at least 12 flavours.

Foodservice: The foodservice offering, which sets these c-stores apart from the competition, features roller grills, hot takeaway meals, and fresh sandwiches and salads.

Coffee program: At the heart of any good foodservice program is coffee, and a fresh pot can make any c-store a destination spot.

Seating: Designated seating areas allow customers to gather, relax and enjoy the foodservice offering. Many also provide free Wi-Fi and satellite television.

Impact Store Concept: The design of each store is unique. Whether it’s in an industrial part of town or a family-centric suburb, the store is tailored to fit into the community.

Healthy grab-and-go: Healthy options are important in c-stores, and with coolers full of healthy grab-and-go foods, Mac’s West is able to promote a more balanced lifestyle.

Beverage coolers: Coolers that span an entire wall provide ample space to display best-selling SKUs as well as beverage innovation.

Organized and uncluttered: Displays are fully stocked, and the path to purchase is clear. Similarly, the foodservice areas are clean and provide plenty of space for food and beverage preparation.

Promotions: Each location offers consistent promotions, including deals and pre-packs, to ensure customers have a familiar experience when walking into any Mac’s West store.

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