New packaging from Impossible Foods looks to welcome more to plant-based foods

New packaging and brand identity meant to increase awareness of plant-based foods amongst consumers.
Tom Venetis head shot
Impossible Foods Corporate Logo

Impossible Foods announced its new Meatier Brand, a campaign and marketing drive to bring more consumers to the company’s plant-based meat products. 

The goal is to showcase that meat from plants tastes as good or better than the animal, is nutritionally competitive with high-quality protein, fiber, no cholesterol and less saturated fat, and has a smaller environmental footprint compared to the animal products it aims to displace.

“We’re the fastest growing plant-based company in America, so it’s a good time to evolve from a position of strength. We wanted packaging that lived up to and reflected the deliciousness of our products while really popping on the shelf,” says Peter McGuinness, president and CEO of Impossible Foods. “We want to be inclusive to anyone who enjoys great food. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan, a vegetarian, an animal meat-lover, or somewhere in between. What we want to do is educate consumers that they can still enjoy meat by incorporating into their diet a version that’s made from plants instead of animals.”

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The new brand strategy and packaging  is made to appeal to the cravings of meat eaters across the full consumer journey, from the digital experience to most consumers’ first impression of a brand: packaging. On-shelf, the bold red packaging reinforces the fact Impossible products taste, cook and satisfy like meat from animals.

Impossible’s updated packaging will hit shelves throughout the U.S. over the coming weeks before continuing overseas later this year. The company’s products are available in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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