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OPW adds two new containment sumps to lineup

VSE Vent Transition and GSE Grade-Level Transition Sump models added to E-Series Sump product portfolio.
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OPW Retail Fueling Sumps

OPW Retail Fueling announced the addition of two new models to its growing E-Series family of fiberglass containment sumps. 

The at-grade VSE Vent Transition Sump and GSE Grade-Level Transition Sump feature 14-gauge powder-coated steel tops with lockable access hatches. Both models incorporate OPW’s DSE Dispenser Sump base, which utilizes a composite technology manufacturing process to produce finished products with smooth inner and outer walls that have consistent thicknesses. This design makes it easier to achieve stronger bonds and form a leak-free connection when installing entry fittings. The DSE sumps are also designed to easily stack and nest, which saves warehouse inventory and transit space.

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The VSE sump’s powder-coated, laser-cut top offers field-tested, water-shedding ability with a light color finish that helps reduce heat absorption for enhanced service life. The tops are fully customizable and shipped with pre-cut vent-stack entries. The VSE sump is the final piece in OPW’s Vent Piping System, which includes FlexWorks V20 Vent Piping, 233 Extractor Valves and Pressure Vacuum Vents.

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“Our customers and distributors really love the idea of being able to use one fiberglass box or base for multiple applications,” says Ed Kammerer, senior director of global product marketing for OPW. “Whether it’s for an under-dispenser containment sump or a vent-transition sump, OPW is now offering one sump base for multiple uses.”

 The VSE and GSE sumps join OPW’s TSE Tank Sump, DSE Dispenser Sump and Pre-Plumbed DSE Dispenser Sump to create a product family that offers the user premium quality, extraordinary value and optimized delivery lead times, all while providing the peace of mind that comes with reliable and long-life sump performance.

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