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Ottawa now testing new Tim Hortons environmentally friendly coffee lids

Canada capital part of coffee chain’s effort to reduce single-use plastics in its restaurants.
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Tim Hortons Recyclable Beverage Lids 2024

Starting this week, select Tim Hortons restaurants in Ottawa and Gatineau will begin testing plastic-free, fibre hot beverage lids for up to six weeks as part of Tim Hortons’ efforts to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

The goal of the trial is to work toward developing a guest-friendly alternative to plastic lids that are easier to compost or recycle, while still providing a great drinking experience. A similar fibre lid was trialed in select Tim Hortons restaurants across Vancouver in early 2023. At the end of the trial, Tim Hortons reported that it had reduced the use of plastic lids, removing more than 3.3 million from going into landfils. Another similar test was conducted in Prince Edward Island earlier this year.

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"We're excited to ask Ottawans to help us test this new, plastic-free and recyclable lid for Tim Hortons hot beverage cups. We're known for serving Canada's favourite coffee, so it's important that we develop a best-in-class solution for our guests," says Paul Yang, senior director of procurement, sustainability and packaging for Tim Hortons. "We've worked hard on developing a fibre lid that feels like our current lids but is plastic-free. These fibre lids are part of our five-year journey to develop more innovative solutions for all our packaging and we're excited to have our guests in Ottawa join us in this test."

Over the past year, Tim Hortons has transitioned a number of packaging items in an effort to help reduce the use of single-use plastics, including introducing wooden and fibre cutlery, and replacing plastic lids on Loaded Bowls with fibre lids.

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