CICC Summer Snapshot Challenge

Unleash your wanderlust.
CICC Summer Snap Shot Challenge

There is perhaps nothing as quintessentially Canadian as the summer road trip. For some, it’s the trip to the cottage. For others, it’s packing up the car with friends or family to hit the open road and embrace the beauty of Canada's vast landscapes. One of the best parts of the trip is stopping to fuel up and grab a snack and a drink, before the chorus of “are we there yet?” begins again!

To celebrate the spirit of travel and Instagram worthy photography, CICC and its member gas and convenience retailers are coming together to host the Summer Snapshot Challenge, encouraging travellers to capture and share their summer pit stops at the more than 23,500 c-stores across Canada.

Fuelling the wanderlust

Emerging from the pandemic, this summer millions of Canadians are returning to their favourite summer past time of road tripping. And why not? From the rugged peaks of the Rocky Mountains, to the beautiful lakes in cottage country, to the serene shores of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, every corner of this country offers a picturesque backdrop for anyone with a smart phone.

Capturing moments, creating memories

The contest's premise is simple: participants embark on a road trip to any destination of their choice within Canada. Armed with a smartphone, they capture moments at their favourite pitstop that embody the essence of their journey. The focus is not to be a professional photographer, but to convey emotions and tell stories through images. As the old adage goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

Embracing the spirit of community

The goal of this photo contest is to capture and celebrate the important role that gas and convenience retailers play across the country, in communities both big and small.  As travellers stop to refuel or take a break, they are invited to share their best photographs on social media platforms, using the hashtag, #summersnapshotchallenge.

You can also e-mail directly at [email protected].


More than just road trips

We don’t want anyone to feel left out. Maybe you prefer a day on the golf course, or taking the kids for a treat to your local corner store on a hot summer night. Anything that captures your fun summer stops at a gas station or convenience store can be entered.

When we are at the National Convenience Industry Summit in Montreal in September, the home of the iconic dépanneur, we hope to have a montage of memories from our members to share.

So, fuel up your vehicle, have your smart phone at the ready, and embrace the allure of Canada's scenic wonders as you hit the road to create timeless memories and participate in the Summer Snapshot Challenge. Unleash your wanderlust, let your creativity flow, and discover the breathtaking beauty that awaits you on the highways and side roads of our magnificent country.

Entries accepted until September 8th

It’s a contest with very few rules! All you have to do is take a pic at a pit stop: fuelling up, favourite snacks, your kids or your pets, or whatever you want! Can’t choose just one? No problem, send us a few of your best but make sure to have them in by Friday, September 8th.

We will be announcing the winners at our annual Summit in Montreal (September 26th to 28th). First prize will be registration to next year’s Summit. We will have some fun and coveted runner-up prizes too! Who can lose? It’s the summer, road trips, and photo contests! It’s a win-win-win!

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