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Lobyco expands partnership with Calgary Co-op

Independent grocer sees increased engagement with its loyalty program.
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Calgary Co-op Lobyco app

Lobyco, a provider of grocery loyalty programs, announced the expansion of its engagement with Calgary Co-op.

The two companies began working together last year, rolling out an app-based customer loyalty program that gave Calgary Co-op members personalized offers based on purchase history and the option to play games to earn free or deeply discounted items. While in store, the co-op’s customers could also use the app to earn Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash on select items, review their digital shopping lists, complete payment, and view their receipts.

Now, Calgary Co-op’s customers will see the app’s used expanded to a cross-category brand ecosystem and support its patronage program that will include groceries, fuel, pharmacy, liquor, home health care and cannabis

“We couldn’t be more delighted about Calgary Co-op’s success,” said Anders Mittag, chief commercial officer at Lobyco in a release accompanying the announcement. “Since the outset of our relationship, we’ve known there was significant potential for a comprehensive loyalty program that would delight customers through digital engagement and gamification. We’re thrilled to be working with a North American business and are excited for what’s to come.”

When speaking with Convenience Store News Canada, Mittag said Calgary Co-op came to Lobyco because of the work Lobyco had done with a grocery co-op in Denmark where Lobyco saw the need for to give co-ops and other retailers a new way to engage with customers. Since 2015, he added, consumer buying behaviours have changed, with more doing their shopping online and using apps and other digital services to engage with businesses. As well, traditional advertising and communications models—flyers, print advertising, television—was diminishing in importance for customers. 

They now wish to be directly engaged with the businesses they shop at, Mittag added.

Since the app and loyalty program launched, Calgary Co-op has seen more than 100,000 members download the app. 

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Customers become Calgary Co-op members by buying a membership for $1. Through Calgary Co-op’s patronage program, each year customers receive a share of Calgary Co-op’s profits in cash and shares, proportional to what they have spent across the various retail lines of business. Customers can also monitor their estimated profit-sharing progress throughout the year via the mobile app and receive the previous year’s patronage in the app at the beginning of each year.

“Since it launched last year, Calgary Co-op has seen a significant uplift in loyalty and spend from their customers,” Mittag added.

“The Lobyco team was hands-on from the beginning through development, to launch, as well as during the addition of new enhancements to the app,” said Ken Keelor, CEO at Calgary Co-op. “They understood our unique needs as a member-owned co-operative, as well as the incredible opportunity we had to refresh our membership program and launch an app that revolutionizes the way we pay patronage and enhances our members’ shopping experiences. Our journey is just beginning, and we value their partnership.”

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