Guests order 35% more items per check through first-party online ordering platforms

Paytronix study finds mobile apps generate 34% of all digital orders and higher customer lifetime value.
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Paytronix released it latest 2024 Paytronix Online Ordering Report that finds that guests transacting directly with a brand order 35% more items per check compared to those who order via third-party marketplaces. 

Online ordering represented 27% of all orders for restaurants and convenience stores in 2023, and operators in the top 25% of online ordering volume saw online orders jump to 62% of all their orders last year.

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“The biggest takeaway is that while third party marketplaces have their uses, a first-party online ordering platform is key to a brand’s online ordering success,” says Tim Ridgely, vice-president of online ordering at Paytronix. “Moreover, those brands that build a robust digital guest engagement platform that includes loyalty and a mobile app are better equipped to leverage modern AI tools, get closer to their guests, and deliver a powerful omnichannel guest experience.”

Key findings from the report include: 

  • Guests who order both in-store and online have the highest order frequency, the best retention, and 35% more lifetime value than customers who only order in-store.
  • First-party ordering platforms are the preferred method for consumers during lunch and dinner, and they also spend 30% more per transaction. However late-night orders (any time after 8 p.m.) are nearly one third more likely to be done using third party marketplace apps.
  • Mobile apps generate 34% of digital orders, and mobile app users have a 45% higher customer lifetime value than web users.
  • Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) loyalty members place 38.4% of their orders online, while Full-Service Restaurant (FSR) counterparts order online 30.2% of the time.
  • Loyalty program members also shine when it comes to frequency, visiting their favorite establishments over 40% more often than non-members.
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