Shell and MAN Energy Solutions partner on decarbonization

Partnership aims to develop low-carbon solutions for the two companies and Shell customers.
Shell and MAN partnership

Shell Energy and MAN Energy Solutions (MES) have entered a Memorandum of Understanding. The two will work together to achieve their climate goals and support their customers in decarbonization efforts.

The solutions will tackle the company(s) transition to net-zero emissions including Carbon Capture, Utilization and Store (CCUS), green-fuels innovation and clean energy supply. 

"As we navigate the transition to a net-zero future, strong partnerships become crucial in driving meaningful change," said Dr. Uwe Lauber, CEO of MAN Energy Solutions. "We are very excited to embark on this partnership with Shell. Together, we will leverage our collective strengths and expertise to accelerate the development and deployment of sustainable energy solutions. Catering to sectors that are essential to the world economy, we aim to provide future-ready technologies to bring down emissions that are considered hard to abate.”

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“As we further operationalize our strategy, we see additional opportunities to decarbonize our assets and help our customers to lower their emissions, such as those in industry and transport. With hydrogen, biofuels and CCUS we are seeding growth for the energy businesses of the future. Collaboration with partners, like MAN Energy Solutions, is important in the design and delivery of new business models that should address the needs of complex, energy-intensive and hard-to-abate sectors,” says Allen Pertuit, vice-president of downstream projects at Shell. 

Based in Germany, MAN Energy Solutions pioneers new ways for industries to decarbonize their portfolio. The company’s Canadian branch is headquarter in Vancouver, B.C., with offices in Halifax, N.S.

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