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2023 C-store IQ: EV Report

Charging ahead.
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Today, 14% of shoppers own an electric vehicle (EV), an increase of seven points in one year.

Among owners, most (74%) charge their vehicles during at least some of their c-gas site visits and two-thirds feel it’s important that stores have a charging station available, according to the 2023 C-store IQ National Shopper Study.

Working with the research team at EnsembleIQ, Convenience Store News Canada surveyed more than 2,000 c-gas shoppers across the country to examine their attitudes about EV charging.

Now in its third year, this is the only convenience and gas specific study delving into the ever evolving wants, needs, perspectives and habits of Canadian consumers, with comprehensive coverage of different ages and geographical locations.

Among those that do not currently own an electric vehicle, nearly half (45%) indicate some likelihood that they will consider purchasing one in the next two to three years: 7% report it ‘extremely’ likely, a significant increase from a year ago.

What are consumers looking for in an EV charging destination?

We asked: “Imagine that you own an electric vehicle and that you need to find a charging station for it. Which of the following features would be most important for you in determining where to stop to charge your vehicle?”

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Convenient location, free Wi-Fi and proximity to other stores remain among the top three important features for a charging station to offer, however providing seating and entertainment outlets for humans and pets saw boosts in importance. Of note:

●  Boomers, generation X  and millennials say a convenient location is very important.

●  Boomers say being close to other stores to shop while vehicle charges is most important.

●  A convenient location is very important to Alberta and Atlantic Canada.

●  EV chargers close to outdoor space/parks are more important to people in British Columbia.

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