Flow Beverage evolving brand identity with refreshed packaging

Updated brand identity features refreshed packaging with low carbon footprint alongside a new brand platform.
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Flow Beverage New Packaging
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Flow Beverage Corp. announced that coming in the summer that it will move to a redesigned and more sustainable packaging, alongside a new brand platform. 

The rollout will start with the introduction of the updated packaging for Flow Original, followed by the release of Flavored Water later in the year.

The redesigned packaging aims to elevate Flow's presence within the premium water category by focusing on its unique selling points, bolstered brand recognition, and an emphasis on mineral rich properties as a key product differentiator.

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“This new package design is visually striking on the shelf and positions Flow with a definitive edge in captivating consumers at the point of purchase. We have streamlined our design to resonate with discerning premium market consumers, ensuring clarity of messaging and consistent brand recognition across physical and digital platforms,” said Nicholas Reichenbach, founder and CEO of Flow.

Flow is announcing a sustainable Tetra Pak package, with 80%+ renewable materials, and sealed with an improved sugarcane-based cap. The new Tetra Pak carton replaces traditional polymers with bio-based ones and contains post-consumer recycled content for the first time.

"We're excited to be able to roll out our beautifully redesigned package in our most sustainable format yet, thus delivering on the core promise of Flow to bring you the highest quality mineral spring water in the most environmentally conscious way, without compromising its pure taste," Reichenbach continued.

In addition to the new packaging, Flow is introducing their new brand platform. The platform will be designed as a way to further connect with Flow’s community and target consumers through above-the-line communications, tailored retail initiatives, influencer and creator collaborations, consumer events, and more. 

“This platform will aim to increase touchpoints for consumer engagement with the Flow brand, enforcing a community-led and inspired approach to our continued evolution underscoring our commitment to enhancing not just hydration choices but also holistic lifestyles," added Reichenbach.

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