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  • Legal tobacco sales spiked during COVID-19 restrictions: Study

    A new study is highlighting the extent of the illegal cigarette market in Canada and the cost to provincial treasuries in foregone tax revenue.
  • C-store IQ: Foodservice Report

    Hungry for opportunity   While the pandemic continues to disrupt and redefine the foodservice space, it continues to be an important focus area for convenience operators across the country.
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  • C-store IQ: Loyalty Report

    63% of Canadian loyalty program members saying they are actively leveraging their membership and are satisfied with the program.
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  • The ups and downs of tobacco 

    After a surge in sales during the COVID-19 lockdown, how do c-stores keep smokers coming back for more?As Canada locked down in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Eyvind Dahl noticed something at his Renfrew, Ont.
  • C-store IQ: Marketing Report

    Sign of the times: On-site communications speak volumes when it comes to enticing customers in store As Canadian consumers become more selective about where and when they shop, it pays to know which marketing strategies resonate with shoppers at the gas and c-store level.
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  • C-store IQ Payment Solutions Report

      Look, no hands: Convenience shoppers prefer to tap and pay Cash is no longer king, having been dethroned by shoppers opting for contactless payments at the c-store level.  Fittingly, a primary driver is overall convenience, as shoppers seek quick and easy ways to pay, whether in store or at the pump, according to Convenience Store News Canada’s proprietary research report C-store IQ: A National Shopper Study.  C-Store IQ is the first convenience and gas specific study that delves into the wants, needs, perspectives and habits of Canadian consumers.  Of course, these days contactless isn’t just the word for tapping to pay with a credit card, debit card or mobile app—it’s a strategy to help combat the spread of COVID-19.  According to C-store IQ research, the definition of convenience, for most shoppers, is an experience that ultimately saves them time and effort: 41% of those surveyed said it purely comes down to having a “convenient” experience and 34% define this as a “quick stop/in and out.”  This need for speed extends to the checkout experience, where tap and pay rules.
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  • C-store IQ: Gasoline Report

    Price and location power gas sales What do people consider important when they are making a gasoline buying decision?
    Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 12.40.36 PM
  • 5 topline insights from the 2019/2020 C-store IQ: National Shopper Study

    Defining convenience: New data delves into the minds and habits of Canadian c-store shoppers Convenience means different things to different people, but for most c-store shoppers it’s about saving time and effort.
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