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What's trending in energy drinks?

Consumer demand for Accelerator is surging thanks to Travis Kelce.

Granularity, a team of data scientists + engineers + certified professional forecasters, empowers retailers and brands to stay ahead of viral trends with an AI-powered platform that predicts social media and search trends. 

What's trending? 

Accelerator Active Energy

  • Growth in consumer demand is attributed to their recent sponsorship with Travis Kelce.
What's happening on social media?
  • Consumers are looking for drinks infused with vitamins, amino acids, etc.
  • Note: The AI is measuring the resulting consumer interest, not the value of the sponsorship. The noticeable upswing in consumer engagement can be seen as a clear indicator of market excitement for the product.
Accelerator energy drink trending data
How can you use trend predictions to improve your decisions?
  1. Merchandising: Understand how your portfolio reflects growing products and what opportunities you are missing in the market.
  2. In-store promotions and marketing strategies: Proactively see the context with which consumers are using products and adjust marketing to reflect the terminology, locations and markets interested in products.
  3. New product innovation: Use data to decipher all the product pitches to hone into the new products that matter.  Test products based on initial market data rather than a gut instinct.
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