Anne Kothawala

President & CEO, CICC

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Anne Kothawala is president and CEO of the Convenience Industry Council of Canada. The national, not-for-profit council represents retailers, vendors and distributors, who put the needs of the customer first.  The council advocates for the diverse and dynamic convenience channel by representing their interests at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government, while also providing access to industry data, research and best practices to help them with critical business decisions.



The same old story can’t continue – time to reduce credit card fees

The cost of convenience is quickly becoming unsustainable and threatening the prosperity of Canadian communities.

A future in peril: The unsustainable cost of convenience

Pandemic created a perfect storm for Canada’s c-store industry.

National Convenience Week is just around the corner: Join us!

Event, to boost industry awareness and support Make-A-Wish Canada, kicks off August 29th.

Running on empty

As inflation continues to push up gas prices and lower profits, CICC is advocating for governments to take action. 

Federal MPs choose Hill’s Top Treats

Effective advocacy is telling a story.  Seeing is believing. Sampling is engaging.

Decision Ontario: Advocating for alcohol modernization and cracking down on contraband

Convenience stores are part of the fabric of Ontario communities and government has a vested interest in supporting our industry.

Bringing the c-store experience to our nation’s lawmakers

CICC invites MPs to vote for their favourite treats as part of an advocacy campaign reminding leaders of the valuable role c-stores play in their communities and the economy.

Beverage alcohol in c-stores makes dollars and sense

New research illustrates economic benefits of CICC's “Made in Ontario” proposal to sell craft beer, wine and coolers in the province’s 8,300 convenience stores.

The road to recovery begins here

When convenience stores are in peril, it has a ripple effect: Now is the perfect time for governments to take actions to bolster a thriving industry.

Not all heroes wear capes

CICC’s Frontline Heroes reinforce the link between convenience and community.