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What's trending in energy drinks?

Consumer interest in Cherry Slush flavours is on the rise, driven by the increasing popularity of a few brands that feature this flavour.

Granularity is a platform that leverages AI to predict product trends from social media and search engines.

What's trending?

Cherry Slush flavours


Growth in consumer demand for Cherry Slush energy drink flavours is primarily driven by the popularity of Alani's offerings in this flavour category.  The trend was detected by AI, which noted an uptick in positive reviews on TikTok and Instagram.

Granularity Energy Drinks Chart
Granularity Energy Drinks Chart
What's happening on social media?
  • Conversations on cherry slush flavours in energy drinks were growing by 59% over the past four months
  • In the past month, there have been over 255,000 views on new posts about Cherry Slush flavour on TikTok. Here are some examples.
  • The Instagram hashtag #cherryslush has over 2,600 mentions with that flavour growing in popularity.
Energy drinks in pink and black tones
Photo: YesMore Content on Unsplash
Social captures of energy drinks reviews

Consumers are looking for drinks infused with vitamins, amino acids, and other workout supplements.

  • Brands that are gaining attention are successfully shifting their focus to functional beverages.
How can trend predictions enhance your decision-making? 
  1. Merchandising: Assess how well your product lineup captures emerging trends and identifies market gaps.
  2. Marketing and promotions: Tailor marketing strategies based on how consumers use products, adapting to relevant terms, locations, and interested markets.
  3. Product innovation: Utilize data to filter through product pitches to hone into the new products that matter.  Test products based on initial market data rather than a gut instinct.
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