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Nestlé expands vegan KitKat rollout

KitKat V is launching in 15 European countries.
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Nestle Vegan Kit Kat

Fans of KitKat across Europe will soon be able to take a plant-based break: After what Nestlé is deeming a successful debut, KitKat V, the vegan version of the chocolate bar, is launching now in 15 European countries.

The wider launch follows a test in the United Kingdom, Canada and several other countries in 2021.

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The new KitKat V was developed by chocolate experts at Nestlé's confectionery research and development centre in York, UK. 

Louise Barrett, head of the Nestlé confectionery product technology centre in York, says: "Last year, we took the decision to produce KitKat V in our R&D production facilities so we could bring the product to the shelves much faster and test with our consumers. The response from consumers was overwhelming, and we are now excited to launch it at a much wider scale."

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KitKat V is certified vegan and made from sustainably sourced cocoa through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, with Rainforest Alliance certification. The milk in the original KitKat is replaced with a rice-based alternative to create the right texture and flavour. 

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The new vegan KitKat will be produced at Nestlé's confectionery site in Hamburg, Germany. It will be sold in 15 countries across Europe, including Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Hungary and the Netherlands.

The confectionery giant emphasizes that over its full lifecycle from farm to consumer, KitKat V has an 18% lower carbon footprint compared to a standard milk chocolate KitKat. This is thanks to the change of recipe to fully plant-based ingredients. The lower carbon footprint has been certified by the Carbon Trust.

Corinne Gabler, head of confectionery for Europe, says: "We are seeing a strong trend in food with more people looking for plant-based options, including for treats. This is one of the biggest launches ever of a vegan alternative of a major confectionery brand and it shows our confidence in this trend. We're delighted to offer KitKat V to all those KitKat fans out there who asked us to make it happen!"

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Surveys across the globe have shown that people are interested in exploring more plant-based foods across various categories. 

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